Nissan Micra (2010 – 2016) Review

Nissan Micra (2010 – 2016) At A Glance


+Low emissions and fuel consumption from 1.2-litre engine. Roomy and seats five. Decent value for money. Bluetooth as standard.

-Not as much hip and shoulder room as headroom. Interior feels cheap. Unexciting to drive. Air con not standard on Visia. Clutch failures common.

Insurance Groups are between 3–9
On average it achieves 82% of the official MPG figure

The little Nissan Micra is one of the best known small cars on the road and its popularity has always been down to its reliability, impressive safety and the fact that it is easy to drive. Fun hasn't often been on the agenda and it's fair to say the 'cute' looks of the last Micra appealed more to women than men, while it was hardly a car for the style-conscious driver either.

So you might be expecting something radical from the all-new Micra, especially as Nissan says it wants this version to appeal to a wider audience with a more masculine look. Perhaps that's why it looks more generic than its predecessor and why parked side by side, it's the previous Micra which still stands out. It doesn't seem like much of a step forward, especially when many other small cars, like the new Citroen C3 for example, are as good value but much more distinctive.

It is 'all-new' however with a longer overall length and longer wheelbase, meaning easier access to the back seats. It also has a very tight turning circle making tricky manoeuvres in town simple. Refinement is another area that's been improved, helped by a brand new 80PS 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engine designed to reduce vibrations at idle.

On the road the Micra is easy to drive but there's little in the way of enjoyment and it lacks the sparkle of other small hatchbacks like the latest Suzuki Swift. The interior is a bit of a letdown too. It's not as neatly laid out or as stylish as the cabin in the previous Micra while the quality is lacking in certain areas. This may be explained by the fact the Micra is a 'global' car for Nissan and will be made in four different regions (China, Thailand, Mexico and India) and sold in 160 markets, so the quality of all cars has to be consistent. But compared to its rivals, the new Micra lacks sophistication.

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Can we skip our car's full service this year?
"My wife’s 9-year-old Nissan Micra will only have done about 1200 miles since it’s last service and MOT as she has worked from home and the car has mainly sat in the garage. We have used it for a weekly shop (about 6 miles return) during this latest lockdown. Should we still get a full service this year or just oil and filter change? Any advice gratefully received, thank you."
As a general rule, you should never skip your car's annual service. Not only can it impact the long term health of your car, but it can also affect the all-round safety of the car. For example, the brake fluid can become contaminated over time and should be tested/replaced every two years. The mechanic will also inspect the tyres, steering, electrics and fluids to ensure your car will run as it should.
Answered by Dan Powell
Our Nissan Micra is leaking water in the footwell - what can be causing it?
"I bought my daughter her first car - 2000 Nissan Micra. It's started leaking water into passenger footwell pretty badly. I checked the door and windscreen seals but it seems to be coming from under the glovebox area. It’s been suggested that it’s coming in through the scuttle vents into the heater chamber. Do you have any ideas?"
It might be a broken or dislodged pollen filter cover or pollen filter gasket. Or might be a flooded scuttle vent well because the drains either side of it are blocked. The best implement to clean them out is a teapot spout brush from an ironmonger or kitchen shop.
Answered by Honest John
Can I get a safety camera warning installed on my sat nav?
"I wanted to update my Nissan Micra sat nav, which didn't have speed camera warning function. I downloaded what looked like just the thing from a free speed camera website onto a memory stick and uploaded. It only uploaded halfway, then stopped. Since then, the sat nav has stopped working. I've tried inserting a newer map card, which the car accepted, but the same tracking problems remained. So the download would seem to have affected the software. Any suggestions? Is there any way I can get a speed camera function on a March 2010 model?"
There are a few ways to get safety camera alerts. The first is to use a dash cam, which is a useful device to have anyway. Dash cams like the Garmin 55 ( and Mio C330 ( give safety camera warnings. Or you could opt for a smartphone app, like TomTom’s Speed Cameras app. Waze, a navigational app, also gives warnings about various things, i.e. average speed zones, cars sat on the hard shoulder, traffic, debris in the road etc because it gets live-updates from other users. Just make sure you have a holder, like a magnetic vent mount, for your smartphone. As for the damaged sat nav, I never recommend downloading anything free online because it could well be a scam. I'd advise taking it to a Nissan dealer to see if they can sort the issue for you.
Answered by Georgia Petrie
Can you be penalised for stopping in a yellow hatched box if you intend to turn right?
"My daughter received a penalty notice from TFL for stopping in a yellow hatched box. The photograph evidence, which is a very selective video extract, shows the rear half of her Nissan Micra in the box. There are two factors, which have been appealed (and rejected by TFL). She was turning right and when she entered the box her exit was clear, but while turning right the vehicle behind overtook and cut in front of her, blocking her exit from the box. The Highway Code states, 'You MUST NOT enter the box until your exit road or lane is clear. However, you may enter the box and wait when you want to turn right, and are only stopped from doing so by oncoming traffic, or by other vehicles waiting to turn right'. TFL quoted the highway code, but only the first sentence. Please could you give your opinion on the correct position regarding my daughter's appeal of this decision."
I think you have a defence and can demand that TfL takes the matter to court if you have the time. If it's only a £100 penalty, then it's not worth it.
Answered by Honest John
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