I want to update my in-built Navigation without having to pay £272 - what do you advise?

Suzuki advise that the price for an SD card bearing the latest maps for its built-in SatNav will cost £272. The SatNav maps are likely to be close to a year old since I bought the car secondhand, which was registered in early December 2016. I contacted the supplier (Bosch), who told me that it does not supply SD cards to customers. I don't want to go back to using a TomTom or Garmin clamped to my instrument panel since the built-in SatNav is much more convenient, but this price is outrageous.
What would you suggest to a car driver who prefers to use the built-in Navigation, but is unwilling to pay this exorbitant price for a map upgrade?

Asked on 3 November 2017 by Dekkers42

Answered by John Slavin
These days, the very best possible sat nav solution is free if you have a smart phone. Using either Waze or Google Maps will cost you nothing and keep you abreast of traffic in real time with incredible accuracy. They are both constantly updated with the latest changes to road infrastructure, too, so there are no costly upgrades to make. Either will provide better navigation even than the priciest integrated system or aftermarket, dedicated navigation unit.

A smartphone in a cradle might not be the elegant solution you asked for but there's no real shortcut to getting your integrated system updated. So at least give Waze or Google Maps a try before paying that pretty hefty fee.
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