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My son bought his first car, a Hyundai i10 Premium, on finance. The car came with black alloys and a carbon fibre black roof and tints in the back all...
I have a 1969 Morris Minor Traveller that was used by the British Army and I'm trying to find a rough idea of the car's value. It's done 57,000 miles and...
I'm looking at getting a Superchips Bluefin remap for my new 2016 Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost, 147PS with 2600 miles on the clock. The remap boasts a 47PS...
A friend's 2007 Audi A6 2.0 TDI had a DPF removed and deleted, as well as an EGR shut. It also had a remap done. From test drive, the vehicle begun emitting...
What all-weather tyres should I consider and does my insurance company need to be told?
I have an 18 month old Audi A4 2.0 TFSI with 13,000 miles on the clock. Recently the engine lost compression so I took it to a local Audi dealer and they...
I am a little confused. I know that removing a Diesel Particulate Filter is a modification and would have to be declared to my insurance, but as it is...
I am on my second Land Rover Defender after owning many saloon cars and two SUVs. The Defender is an excellent, simple vehicle, which was the main reason...
I recently renewed my annual car insurance, paying £280 for comprehensive cover on a 3-year-old Skoda Octavia vRS. Some time afterwards I rang to advise...
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