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Just received my second letter from Skoda requesting me to get the fix done for my Skoda Superb Estate. It's done just under 30,000 miles in three years. Given all the reported issues with the fix, I...
My SEAT had the "fix", which has ruined the performance and fuel consumption and will likely lead to EGR failure in the future. Can I reset it by disconnecting the battery? Slim hope, I know.
My partner has owned her Puma from new for 17 years, but it's now ready for changing. She loves it and wants something close to it. She wants something easy to drive that has four seats, sporty looks,...
The Vauxhall Calibra numbers that are left is alarming, why is such a great classic not recognised as such by most people? It's 27 years now since the launch, which made a very big impact to the motoring...
I have the wonderful 8-speed ZF auto box in my 2015 BMW 4 Series. I can't afford to keep the BMW but I do like a silky smooth automatic transmission. What cars have the best automatic transmissions, in...
Why is the Volkswagen emissions fix not being withdrawn? My Volkswagen Golf 1.6 bluemotion had the 'fix' two days ago and this morning had to be recovered and towed back to the garage after driving less...
I've just had a letter to take my Skoda Superb 2.0 diesel for the emission fix. Do you think I should have it done or not?
My wife fancies a MINI Countryman but I think it might be a bit small to cope with our dog and ever growing grandchildren with luggage etc. I think a Honda Civic Tourer would be more practical, but I am...
I'm 61 and want to be a car. Due to my age, this will be my last chance to get a big boy's toy before senility and a Honda Jazz hit the horizon. I want something powerful, comfortable and with more than...
Can you tell me when I will be able to buy a Subaru WRX STI?
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