What are the advantages of having the emissions fix done?

Just received my second letter from Skoda requesting me to get the fix done for my Skoda Superb Estate. It's done just under 30,000 miles in three years. Given all the reported issues with the fix, I simply don't believe the letter which states, "I can be reassured that there will be no negative impact on engine performance etc..." Even if the EGR valve is likely to be in reasonable shape, there seems to be no upside for me in getting the fix done and only a potential downside, especially if I have to enter into a protracted debate with Skoda about post-fix reduced performance. What is the risk for me if I take no action on this? If there is risk, then how can I mitigate it proactively with Skoda?s

Asked on 1 September 2017 by

Answered by Honest John
If the engine is in healthy condition it will be more efficient after the fix, which involves an additional injection cycle. If the injectors or the EGR valve stem are worn, it won't be. But they now guarantee to fix any issues your car may have after the NOx emissions fix, or, if the injectors and EGR of the car are obviously not in a fit state to accept the fix, they don't do it.
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