Texaco super octane petrol

You often mention Shell V Power, BP ultimate, or Total as high quality fuel. Recently I have found Texaco have a 99 octane petrol which at least here in Dorset is only 8 pence per liter higher than the normal petrol. If this is as good and I see no reason why it is not, then this is good value.

You may think it is not as good, but it might be useful to know re cost. Regretfully it does not contain the additive Tectron which is included in the USA in Chevron fuel which I have found good.

Asked on 28 July 2023 by David Greenhill

Answered by David Ross
The differences may be marginal but there is a general consensus that fuel from the major companies is of better quality than supermarket fuel. Higher octane fuels may bring a performance and economy benefit if your car is sufficiently modern, but the main reason for using a premium fuel is the additives which can help your engine's health.

Texaco do not give any specific information about the contents of its premium fuel other than to say it has 'a performance additive package', but given the small cost difference it may be worth using some or all of the time.
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