I can endorse your recommendation for Shell V-Power fuel.

I usually put manufacturers' advertising claims down to empty rhetoric designed to do little other than shift a possibly indifferent product. As a user of Shell V-Power petrol, I am aware of their heavily Ferrari-based advertising, although my decision to use the fuel was driven by testing the fuel against other offerings in the area, mostly supermarket fuels, and the results were clear regarding mpg and smoother running, confirmed countless times by yourself and contributers to your weekly column. Readers may be interested to know that when I was at my local supermarket today, I witnessed the spectacle of a brand new black Ferrari, on dealer plates, being filled with Sainsbury's regular unleaded petrol by a gentleman wearing a Ferrari-branded work shirt. It seems Ferrari are not above conforming to the stereotype either.

Asked on 22 September 2012 by AR, Swindon

Answered by Honest John
Many thanks for your email and for your support. I would love to know the true circumstance behind the filling of that Ferrari with fuel that will have reduced its power output by at least 10 per cent. Did a Ferrari sales manager deliberately order this?
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