Can I modify my car to make it ULEZ-compliant?

I have a 1999 Nissan Primera which does not comply with ULEZ emissions regulations. My only option is to scrap the car, but I will not get money for it from TfL because I am not on any benefits.

My query is, would it be possible for me to get some modifications done to the car so that it becomes ULEZ emissions compliant?

Asked on 21 June 2023 by Satpal Bhogal

Answered by David Ross
Technically it may be possible to have your car modified to make it ULEZ-compliant, but this would require significant modifications to the exhaust system or even potentially a different engine to be fitted. Even if you had this work carried out you would then need to have a full rolling road emissions test to get the new emission values, which is very expensive. It is likely that the cost of the modifications and recertification would exceed the current value of your car.

We would suggest selling rather than scrapping your car and putting these funds towards a vehicle that is ULEZ compliant.
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