Why did my dash cam void my insurance?

I had a dashcam fitted by Halfords into the fuse box. I informed my insurer, who informed me that cover was therefore removed by the underwriter. I had been driving unknowingly for 3 days without insurance. Halfords were informed and stated that they had not heard of this before and so gave no warning. Are other drivers unwittingly driving without insurance? I cannot believe the sheer stupidity of refusing insurance for an item that only records my driving and other driving issues.

Asked on 13 April 2021 by Chris Moon

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Any hardwired bit of aftermarket kit can actually invalidate a warranty or insurance. We often suggest checking with the warranty provider and insurer first as it's technically classed as a modification. If it isn't hardwired, and can thus be removed from the car easily, that usually isn't considered a modification.
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