Why did a hardwired dash camera void my insurance policy?

As it was close to renewal, I advised my car insurance supplier that I had had a dash camera hardwired into my SEAT Ibiza. They were quite taken aback and advised me that it was a modification that the current insurer could not accept and therefore my policy was effectively null and void. They could, however, offer me another quote with a different company. The quote, including a hardwired dash cam and an additional 43 year old clean driver to the policy, jumped from £350 to £1700 pounds. I could not accept that price and I'm now left with an uninsured car that I cannot drive until I manage to get cover at whatever price. I am mystified as I thought that a dash cam was extra insurance against bad driving and provides evidence if it sees an accident in progress, not necessarily involving the vehicle it was fitted to. If the dash cam was hard wired in, is it an official modification that warrants an increase in premium? Any advice would be appreciated.

Asked on 11 January 2018 by ian48mito

Answered by Tim Kelly
It sounds like you're dealing with numpties. The dash cam, regardless of whether it's hardwired or not not, should not invalidate a policy. The word "hardwired" is what is causing the issue. They see this as a permanent modification. It isn't, as all it is doing is providing another external power feed to the camera. The camera can and should be able to be removed, as it is generally stuck to the windscreen. As such, it isn't a permanent modification. Change your insurer, but before you do, tell your current insurer that you have now had it removed. Your cover should remain. Then ask them whether a non hardwired camera would affect the premium. Advise them the dash cam is removable.
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