What's the best polish and wax to use on a car?

What would you say the best polish/wax is to use? Is there a method? Stay safe.

Asked on 2 February 2021 by TONY MARSHALL

Answered by Georgia Petrie
We recommend trying a polish like Autoglym, which I'll link to below, followed by a wax. Polish removes grease, debris etc, as well as stripping away a tiny layer of the paint’s topcoat - which reveals the fresh paint beneath. Car wax protects the car's paintwork, so when it's buffed in properly, the car gets a brand new protective layer making it look shiny and new for longer, and keeping water off the paintwork. The best thing to do is wash your car normally with whatever products you use, then have a look at the paintwork to see if you actually need to apply polish.

After washing and drying the car completely, we recommend a polish like Autoglym Super Resin Polish (amzn.to/2XOvzna). When polishing, apply a small amount to a clean microfibre cloth or foam pad and gently spread it around your paintwork. Then, start working in the polish until it's almost transparent. It can require a bit of elbow grease. Check the packaging to see whether you need to do anything else, like leaving it for a little while. It should look very shiny when it's finished. Follow this with Bilt Hamber Double Speed-Wax (amzn.to/2Wvdg59). The wax should last a while so you shouldn't need to reapply it for a while.
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