Car dealer is offering Autoglym Lifeshine - is it worth paying extra for?

I am buying a car and I have been quoted £370 for the dealer to apply Autoglym Lifeshine. I think this is too much but he won’t budge on the price. Is it worth the extra or can I buy this and apply it myself?

Asked on 11 July 2022 by Peter Shackleton

Answered by Lawrence Allan
You can actually buy some Autoglym Lifeshine kits from eBay or similar auction sites being sold by private buyers. However, you can also buy other Autoglym bundles officially from the company.

What you're paying for with the dealer treatment is the hours involved in applying it - it's several hours of work to do properly, so be prepared to set aside at least as full day.

The dealer kit includes Instant Tyre Dressing, Wheel Cleaner, Fast Glass, Rapid Detailer, Super Resin Polish, Bodywork Shampoo and Conditioner, Vinyl and Rubber Care and Interior Shampoo, plus various cloths, a sponge and an applicator pad.
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