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Most recently answered bodywork protection questions
Is it worth using Lanoguard on my 2018 Jaguar XF? It has covered only 21000 miles and lives on the drive.
I’ve been offered Diamonbrite protection on a nearly new (400miles) Kia Niro for £250. Do you think it’s worth it?
What is the best product to bring back the colour of plastic trim that is now faded and should be black.
What is the best product to restore black plastic mouldings to the original colour and shine?
I have a light scratch mark on the bonnet of my car from some grit left on a sponge - it's not deep. Can you recommend something to polish it out?
What is best product to underseal a car?
I am taking a delivery of a new car and have been offered anti-scratch protection film at a discounted price of £150 by the dealer. I have read else where about huge commissions dealers get out of such...
I'm looking at BMW Protect X for my new BMW 3 Series. It's a product that protects the car's bodywork and interior. It says that it also guards the vehicle’s interior, ensuring that seat fabrics and carpets...
What car is best for me? I like a high driving position, boot space for camping, good fuel economy, ideally some bodywork protection/trims, good all-round driving visibility, cheap to insure/tax.
We bought a new Skoda Octavia Estate in September 2014, and when we went to collect it we noticed it had small marks (dirt / drops) all round it. We pointed them out straight away and it was assumed that...

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