Industrial fallout on Skoda Octavia

We bought a new Skoda Octavia Estate in September 2014, and when we went to collect it we noticed it had small marks (dirt / drops) all round it. We pointed them out straight away and it was assumed that the GardX had not dried properly as it had rained over night and it was agreed that we would bring it back in in a few days for it to be cleaned of and the GardX reapplied.

The valeting team could not remove the marks, so the dealer contacted Skoda who sent over a solution to remove the marks, which took a couple of weeks so we booked it back in and they had it for the whole day again, only to return to find they still had not been able to remove the marks. At this point they decided that it would need to go to a bodyshop as they were not happy to do anything more abrasive in house.

Skip a few months of chasing this up, contacting Skoda Customer Service and another month or two, and we get to April 2015, and it was agreed to take it in to a Skoda approved bodyshop to remove the "industrial fallout". It transpired that the dealer did not use a Skoda Approved bodyshop, albeit a reputable one, however when we went to collect the car we decovered that the bumpers and bonnet had been re-sprayed.

The new paint work had dust and particles trapped and visible in the paintwork, along with chips and bubbles on the bumpers and bonnet, and a deep scratch in the wing mirror.

To top it off the fallout had not even been removed from the rest of the car, so it was worse than it was before it went in. We were also very concerned that as it was not done by a Skoda approved garage that our warranty would be affected, so it was agreed that they would get a new bonnet from the factory. (I later discovered they were going to take a bonnet off a car on site to do this but could not as we had a Laser White car which was a colour for 2014 only, and they had a Candy White in stock).

At this point we contacted the finance (Skoda/VW PCP) company to make a complaint (8th May) as well as continuing correspondence with Skoda UK, while waiting for the dealership to raise the complaint to the regional manager. We went away on holiday for a week to return to discover that the car had been sent to a Skoda approved bodyshop to try once more at removing the marks and correcting the paint job.

In summary, the car was delivered with industrial fallout/residue all over the car, this was at no point picked up by anyone until we saw the car for the first time (and not knowing what it was we believed the dealer and thought it would just be cleaned off), the dealership applied GardX over the fallout in essence sealing it on, it has been buffed down all over, parts resprayed twice, left to weather on the forecourt with chips on the bonnet, and sent in for work that we have not agreed.

We are now at the point of wanting a replacement car, as we are just not happy with the extent of the work that has been carried out. We have discussed this with the finance company and they have asked us to see the car first and let them know if we accept the work done.

As novices in all areas of industrial fallout, the effect of respraying the car and replacements/rejecting new cars we just would like to know what you would recommend as the best course of action?

Asked on 15 June 2015 by BoltsK

Answered by Honest John
You simply reject the car for a full refund minus a small allowance for your use of the car in the meantime. The dealer will have to stand the cost of this for its stupid mistake in trying to charge you extra for GardX then failing to apply it properly. Nothing to do with Skoda (though you should keep Skoda full informed). If it comes to suing the dealer directly, that's what you will have to do. Law here:
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