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Most recently answered leather upholstery questions
The ivory leather on the driver's seat of my 2005 Subaru Outback has two yellow marks coinciding where my legs sit but as I wear blue denim jeans for 95 per cent of my waking hours, it can't be from clothing....
How can I get back the texture on my leather steering wheel without damaging its metallic inserts?
What's the best way to clean BMW X5 leather seats?
My 2003 BMW 320Ci with full leather grey interior has a worn bolster on the driver's seat. What is the best way to refurbish it?
What is the best product for cleaning grey leather seats?
I have a 2017 BMW and I have unfortunately got sun tan lotion on the central arm rest. I have opal white Merino leather and I cannot shift the ugly yellow stain using leather cleaner. My local BMW dealer...
I'm currently looking at purchasing an Audi Q5 which comes with leather and Alcantara seats. What is your view of Alcantara? It appears to get mixed reviews with concerns about looking scruffy after modest...

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