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Most recently answered windscreen questions
I have recently bought an 8 month old used car from a dealer. Under certain sunlit conditions I notice small scratches on the windscreen. It looks like it has been cleaned with a cloth that had a piece...
Official advice is to place the French Crit'Air sticker on the right side of vehicle windscreen but for most UK cars this will impinge more than 40mm into zone B and won't that therefore be an MoT failure?
My windscreen has a star-shaped stone chip, 2cm diameter, at driver's eye level immediately in front of me. Would this constitute a fail in the MoT, due next week?
The car I’m buying has a large (the size of a tennis ball) circular scratch on the windscreen. Is there anyway we could get rid of it?
I have seen an increasing number of cars and vans with heavily tinted front windows. Some of them are so dark that you cannot see the driver inside the vehicle during daylight hours. Surely this cannot...
My wife has a 2013 Nissan Micra and finds in certain conditions that the windows severely mist up, even on a dry day. We have checked there are no damp carpets, no damp patches under the spare wheel nor...
How can I stop the inside of my windscreen from freezing?
What is the best windscreen cleaner?
I have previously been recommended a product called Zoff/Zorf for cleaning smeared windscreens but I cannot find any. My local Halfords don't sell it and have never heard of it. Is there anything similar?
I have a Volkswagen Polo. It's always been a bit 'misty' but over recent months it has got really bad. This morning during my 45-minute journey to work it just didn't clear. It's outside and inside. I've...

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