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Most recently answered water ingress questions
After heavy rain we have water in the footwells of both passenger and driver sides. Any idea where this may be coming in?
Why does my Toyota Yaris hybrid cross get a lot of moisture on the inside windows on cold but not freezing nights? This happens every time we have a cold night.
My daughter's Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2014 has a wet area under the off side rear (3rd row) seat. It is not coming from the underneath of the vehicle as it has not been driven for a while.
My daughters Audi seems to be getting damp in the drivers foot well door seals seem fine, are there any known issues regarding this fault?
I recently crossed a ford in my Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. I am aware of procedure in manual car. What advice can you give for automatics, hybrids and electric vehicles?
I have a 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLK 200, which I bought last year for some much-needed fun after the first pandemic lockdown. Recently, I have noticed a large amount of water in the boot (spare wheel well)...
My 2017 Ford C-Max appears to have a leak somewhere in the boot area, which results in water collecting in the bottom of the spare wheel holding area. It's still under Ford warranty (I bought it as a Ford...
Why is there water under the rear seat of my Peugeot 206?
You've said that cars struggle with water leaks because the bulkhead drainage vents get blocked, but how do I find the vents to prevent this happening? The manual does not say.
I'm trying to avoid buying a used car with bad reputation for water ingress. I don't want to paddle again, like with my last motor. Lately, it seems too many brands and models have this issue when looking...

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