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After heavy rain we have water in the footwells of both passenger and driver sides. Any idea where this may be coming in?
The passenger side seal on my Toyota Carina E is letting water drip in and flood the footwell. Where can I get a replacement seal for this? I have tried replacing with a generic seal off eBay but it is...
We purchased (privately) a 2003 BMW 3-Series 1.8-litre petrol automatic in late 2016, with 49,000 recorded miles. It has a stamped BMW Service Record, full MoT etc.The BMW had, prior to our purchase, three...
Every few weeks I have to take the same spark plug out to clean oil off of it because it starts misfiring. Could you please tell me what the problem may be?
I had my SEAT Leon fixed because of the emissions scandal. Shortly afterwards, the aircon failed - the compressor is kaput. I had it fixed for £804. Could this be related to the fix? The car has done 50000...
The air-con in my van does not seem to do much. Is it true it needs servicing every two years?
I have a 2017 Toyota Yaris. Will using the air con on high waste fuel faster?
Any ideas on how water is getting into the boot of a fairly new Citroen C1?
We have found nicks taken out of the sunroof seal of our Volkswagen Touareg and also the windscreen wipers of both our Polo and Touareg. My son in law thinks it could be birds rather than mice. Have you...
Following the recent mentions of silicone grease in your column, it is also an excellent lubricant for the rubber seals in a metal folding roof. After a few years the seals dry out, resulting in a lot...

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