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I am looking for a recommended garage/specialist to top up the air conditioning on a 2004 Toyota Corolla in the Poole, Dorset area
Can I have my 2017 Peugeot 3008 air con regassed with older spec refrigerant substituted to cut costs?
Is there a solution to preventing my car's windows steaming up without having the air con on permanently?
How do I clean the air conditioning to remove bad odours?
Should the air con be used 24/7 or only when required to cool the car?
My Ford Transit Custom's air con is cold, but sometimes goes warm. There's no pattern to it. It's had a new relay and regas. When it's warm the fan isn't running, what could the issue be?
I have received a round robin letter from my Nissan dealer informing me that my Qashqai needs an air con service at a cost of £149 as dry seals may result in leaks and bacteria entering the interior. The...
I recently took my 2015 Ford Fiesta auto (12,000 miles) for its three-year service at our local Ford dealer. We had agreed a price for the service and MoT, but they asked if I wanted to pay £25 more so...
Recently, I had the water pump changed in my 2005 SEAT Ibiza. It was always at 90 on my temp gauge, but since the pump change it keeps overheating. It's not the coolant as I've topped it up and there are...
My Ford Transit Custom isn't blowing cold air. The temp gauge also shows no temperature.

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