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Most recently answered air conditioning questions
I have been contacted by my local Audi dealership advising that my car's (Audi A6 with 23,000 miles) air conditioning should be serviced every two years to keep system at optimum. They're offering their...
I have not re-gassed the aircon on my 1999 BMW 7 Series in four years but it is still ice cold. Should it be checked anyway?
My wife has a 2013 Nissan Micra and finds in certain conditions that the windows severely mist up, even on a dry day. We have checked there are no damp carpets, no damp patches under the spare wheel nor...
My local garage recommends air con cleaning out every two years. Is this necessary?
The air conditioning temperature control doesn't work in my Citroen. When it's at the minimum it's okay, but you change temperature it starts heating?

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