How do I remove windscreen scratches?

I have recently bought an 8 month old used car from a dealer. Under certain sunlit conditions I notice small scratches on the windscreen. It looks like it has been cleaned with a cloth that had a piece of grit in it. Is there a way to get these removed please?

Asked on 27 March 2024 by Peter martin

Answered by David Ross
Windscreen scratches can be repaired at home but it depends on the severity of the scratch. Autoglass suggest running a fingernail across the scratches - if your nail catches in the damaged area then it requires professional repair, but if it feels smooth under your nail then it can potentially be polished out.

We would recommend finding a dedicated automotive glass polish and a soft microfibre cloth, and after ensuring the area is clean, slowly working across the scratches with the polish before buffing off with another clean cloth.
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