Dealer damaged my new car before delivery - can I ask for an alternative?

I bought a new car using finance and made a deposit. The day the car was supposed to be delivered, I received a call from the dealer as they noticed the windscreen was damaged and they cannot deliver it. It might take 1- 4 weeks for repairs. Now, since I'm buying a new car, am I getting a new car? Does the dealer have the onus to provide me with an alternative car or give compensation for accepting the repaired car?

Asked on 15 April 2017 by Alvin

Answered by Honest John
You can pull out of the deal if you want to for this reason: It will probably be okay, but fitting a new screen is very invasive. There could be leaks and there could be rust due to the screen frame having been scratched. If a big national glass-fitter fits it, then it might not be original manufacturer quality screen. And if there are cameras and light and rain sensors behind it they might not work.
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