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My Jaguar XF doesn't have a spare wheel. I would like to buy a 'get you home spare wheel' and jack to go with it. I'm having problems finding one at the right price. Any suggestions, please?
We operate a new Mercedes-Benz V-Class Sport seven seat bus but we are having serious issues with the front tracking and tyres. Mercedes-Benz have re-tracked it at £250, but still we have the fronts shouldering...
I have Diamond Cut wheels on my Skoda Superb Estate. Can you please offer some damage protection advice? I realise the best advice is to drive properly and not kerb wheels, but with low profile tyres it...
I live in a country village and my nearest service station is about 15 minutes drive away. I find it almost impossible to check my tyre pressure when the tyres are cold (which is what I have been recommended)....
I have a Ford Focus Mk1 with new Uniroyal Rainex 3 tyres on the front wheels, which I'm quite happy with. I now need new tyres for the rear wheels. Should I buy the same as the front or the new Michelin...
What's the most accurate tyre pressure gauge?
I have been running Pirelli P7 runflats (225/55 R17 Y) on my BMW 5 Series for years. Is there now a runflat available which might give a less hard ride?
I have a 2009 Ford Focus with 17-inch alloy wheels. What is the standard size and, if I changed to the standard size, would the ride be more comfortable?
What are the best tyres for a comfortable ride?
My local tyre fitters have said they may be able to plug the nail hole in my 245/35 R18 runflat Bridgestone tyre for £16.99. Is it worth trying or should I just bite the bullet and payout for a new tyre?

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