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Should I be swapping the wheels of my Volvo back to front to even out wear?

At a recent service for my Volvo XC60 I asked for the wheels to be swapped back to front to even out wear - as suggested in the Volvo handbook. This was not done as I was initially told that it was not possible as the tyre pressure sensors were wheel position-specific. I contacted Volvo UK customer service for advice who referred me back to the dealer who now said this was possible but would cost £168. I do not seem to be able to get an answer which I fully understand - I would have thought that if Volvo is suggesting this in the handbook there must be a 'workaround' for the wheel position.

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The £168 is the 'labour' cost of swapping the wheels front to back same side then 're-initialising' the TMPS. You could do this yourself for nothing, but I urge you to take great car when jacking it up and removing wheels. Always try to put one of the wheels on its side under the car in case the jack breaks.

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