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Most recently answered speeding questions
I'm the administrator of a resident's association, the sole purpose of which is to maintain a Restricted Byway access road. It has speed bumps, which some drivers hate. Are there alternatives for slowing...
If I break a speed limit on the same road, crossing from one county to another, will this be one offence or two?
I was travelling down the M1 on at 70MPH and, as I reached a gantry, the speed limit signs flashed up 50MPH. I started to brake, but on the other side of the gantry was a speed camera, which promptly flashed...
I drive a Volvo XC40 and since owning it I've noticed occasional odd behaviour by nearby drivers. As an example, I can be driving at or around the speed limit and will observe a rapidly approaching vehicle,...
Whilst I'm about to tell my insurer of my recent speeding fine and three points, do I need to tell my wife's car insurer? I'm a named driver on her policy.
I have a speeding offence on my licence - which is due to expire in about two weeks. But it does not get removed until 202. I'm due to insure my car in a month, once my offence has expired, but do I still...
Some people tell me I can legally do 10 per cent plus 2mph over the speed limit. Is that true?
I received a NIP in the post yesterday. I had done 36mph in a 30mph zone. The date of the offence was 7th January but the letter is dated 14th February. Does the 14 day rule apply to this?
I have just been informed by my hire car company that I was caught speeding in Germany and have a fine of 29.75 euro to pay. Do I need to tell my insurer?
I have received a speeding ticket in a 30mph zone. What would be the best course of action - to take the speed awareness course or take the three points? What would be the expected effect (if any) on...

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