Why do speeding drivers slow down when they approach my car?

I drive a Volvo XC40 and since owning it I've noticed occasional odd behaviour by nearby drivers. As an example, I can be driving at or around the speed limit and will observe a rapidly approaching vehicle, which is clearly exceeding the speed limit. As the vehicle approaches, it will quickly reduce its speed and maybe tuck in behind me. After some period the vehicle will regain its original momentum and vanish into the distance. This is not an experience I had prior to owning the Volvo and it occurred to me that the driver may be receiving erroneous warnings of an approaching radar trap by picking up the radar emissions from my car with his radar detector! By the way, I do not own a radar detector!

Asked on 27 October 2020 by Roger Wilson

Answered by Russell Campbell
I'd be more inclined to think you're being mistaken for a police car because I know UK forces use XC40s – both marked and unmarked. What do people tend to do when they see a police car? Slow down and tuck in behind it... Just a theory. I don't think radar scanners are used as widely in the UK as they are in the US.
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