I received an NIP for speeding but can't view the evidence - what should I do?

I have been served an NIP for allegedly doing 80mph in a 70mph section of a dual carriageway.The NIP was received on the 30th May and the alleged offence was on the 4th April. That gap in time doesn’t make it any easier to remember who was driving the car at 9am in the morning on this section of dual carriageway. Also there was supposed to be photographic/ video evidence but having put in the date of offence, the 16 numbered code and the pin no. there are no pictures/video. What should I do?

Asked on 3 June 2024 by Jerry Pollentine

Answered by David Ross
There is a requirement for an NIP to be served to the registered keeper of the vehicle within 14 days, assuming that the vehicle information held by the DVLA is correct, so there is the potential for you to challenge the NIP on this basis but we would strongly recommend seeking independent legal advice if you choose to do so. Taking this route would also likely prevent you from being offered a speed awareness course as an alternative to a Fixed Penalty. If you are unable to view the evidence online we would suggest using the contact details provided on the NIP to make an enquiry for the evidence as soon as possible.
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