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Most recently answered speed limits questions
What is the new speed limit in posted 40 mph zones I can’t find any definitive answer on this ie 20mph where there are street lights but no mention of 40 zones. Until they actually get round to erecting...
Can you tell me the speed limits for a Toyota HL2 4x4 light utility goods vehicle category N1 less than 2040 in weight. It is all very ambiguous and the police do not seem to know.
Can you tell me what the speed limit is for a non car-derived van on a dual carriageway?
Most electric cars seem to have good acceleration but the top speed is poor compared to their petrol equivalents - Why?
Some local authorities are proposing that drivers will be given penalty notices for exceeding 20mph limit by as little as one mile per hour. Does this match the level of accuracy of speedometers? I thought...
I, along with seven other residents, have a right of way by vehicle over a private road that leads onto an A road. The private road has no speed signage etc. The road is owned by a campsite at the end...
Apart from the millions extracted from drivers in speeding fines, what justification is there for the 70mph speed limit on motorways? It was imposed as a "temporary measure" 55 years ago next month. Cars...
Smart motorways are very ambiguous and I genuinely don't know what speed to drive. I drive regularly on the M3 and between junction 4a and 2 is 'smart'. Currently there are roadworks with 50mph speed limit...
Are van-based cars subject to van speed limits? Which are the van-based cars? Thanks.
Is it correct that the law states that speeds are 10mph less on some UK roads for vans? I don't see many comply, including myself, and I have 45+ years experience driving vans.

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