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German Transport Ministry asks EC to investigate Fiat emissions

Published 02 September 2016

The German Transport Ministry (KBA) has requested that the European Commission investigates Fiat Chrysler vehicles over emissions manipulation, it has been reported. The KBA has been testing various vehicles following the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal in 2015.

Fiat Doblo, Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade models are suspected to be cheating emissions tests, according to data collected by the KBA. The suspected cheating was raised by the KBA earlier in 2016, after it was indicated that emission control systems only operated for around 22 minutes, a few minutes longer than the EC test cycle. The issue has been escalated with the request to the EC.

Since the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal emerged in 2015, Mitsubishi has admitted cheating in emissions test for some models in Japan, while Peugeot Citroen offices have been raided. It is currently unclear what action the EC will take, and Fiat is currently tight-lipped


stanton    on 5 March 2017

The German Transport Ministry KBA if challenging other car manufacturers of similar
deeds and law breaking as per Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda ; should either provide the information proving Fiat Chrysler Diesels break European emission laws or American Federal ones for that matter, or Shut up!. Forgive the cliche but two wrongs do not make a right . If ; as a supposed National Independent body they are infact
attempting to Bias public opinion to help THEIR LARGEST AUTO COMPANY ,
they should provide facts and figures first before rumours. If Gianni Agnelli was still alive I dont doubt he would at his family's and Fiat's expense fight these below the belt claims through the European Courts. Modern Fiat Chrysler are too involved in looking at their share price first. Shame!
Rightly everyone will consider Fiat Chrysler is at fault also. Maybe they are, but KBA are the ones to point the finger without providing relevant evidence .Of course too many European Journalists show bias to German Auto manufactures anyway; their publisher's need the huge advertising Budgets, to survive in a very competitive Market . A point we should all keep in mind when attempting to draw conclusions without any
sensible technical information. Stanton UK

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