Top 10: Most reliable cars

These are the cars that came out top for reliability in the 2017 Honest John Satisfaction Index. Each car was assessed in a variety of areas, including reliability, build quality, fuel economy, repair costs and performance. Ride comfort, handling, ease of driving, practicality and technology were also considered, as well as safety.

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Skoda Rapid

Reliability rating: 9.86

The most reliable car in the 2017 Honest John Satisfaction Index is the Skoda Rapid. Exciting it may not be, but it comfortably took the top spot ahead of Mazda CX-3.

Contributing to its excellent result are low repair costs and top notch build quality as rated by its owners. Together, it means the Rapid is a car you can depend on.

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angelcyn    on 4 December 2017

It would be more interesting to see out of the 10,000 votes how many were for each car.
Many of the makes or models doing well here are not exactly big sellers, so the percentage vote is easily skewed up or down by relatively small numbers of votes.
It is also if any survey is to be believed highly unlikely that someone like Honda that is always at or near the top of reliability surveys has suddenly crashed in the ratings as it has here ?

aethelwulf    on 4 December 2017

My experience is that my KIA is the most reliable car I have ever owned and beats the Skoda I owned. My KIA is now seven years old with only a brake light switch broken which was fixed free under warranty at six and a half years old. Who can match that? I'll stick to KIA in future.

NickNike    on 4 December 2017

Have to agree with angel. A load of obscure stuff or very expensive. Not a report I'd base my next purchase on. I've had 22 years driving experience in four Hyundais, and not once had a start failure, breakdown of MOT failure. Warranty work has been minimal as well. Now that's reliability.

SFTO    on 4 December 2017

Agreed angelcyn! I simply do not believe that Honda's legendary reliability for years has suddenly crashed. Come on HJ, what's going on here - can you explain why please?

Marcus T.    on 17 May 2018

Agree. I am on my second new CRV. My first mk 3 CTDi did 140K miles without a single mechanical fault. My current mk4 is on 40K and no faults. A family member has a 12 year old CRV from new. Again fantastically reliable and it's driven off road regularly. Two of my neighbours have Honda Jazz's which again are bulletproof reliable.My neighbour has gone from an Audi A4 company car to a new BMW 2 series lease car which he doesn't rate at all.

Edited by MARK L. on 17/05/2018 at 11:12

mark pledger    on 4 December 2017

As most of these cars are driven by retired people with hats and lap dogs the results are skewed. I bet most of these cars are barely driven 5000 miles a year and are well serviced by dealers who can spot a mug punter a mile off. Perhaps a little unfair but these are not exactly reps cars.

WilliamRead    on 7 December 2017

As one of the Rapid drivers who contributed to HJ's survey I cannot argue with the # 1 rating, but can understand the scepticism of some other posters, particularly regarding Honda. As a 15-20,000 miles per annum driver I can only speak from my own experience. Whatever make of car, there will always be some drivers who have had terrible experiences, and others with a first class experience. At the height or BL's troubles in the 1970s and 1980s there were many thousands of UK motorists who enjoyed their BL cars which were reliable, comfortable, economical etc. This was the first annual survey by HJ; others have several times that number of responses, so let us see how it develops in future years.

xaghra    on 4 March 2018

I love my Passat.It's now 13 years old and still going strong

m west    on 5 July 2018

why are so many of the German cars showing falults like vw touareg diff failure at only 50,000miles that was my last car . I have now go an ml280 60,000 turbo needs replacing engine noisy gears clunky

Palcouk    on 6 July 2018

Before I retired I was a 30k/year driver
Audi 100 bullet proof at 150k
Scorpio every service a major cost/faulting module
MB 300TD reliable but dealers very snooty & expensive
MB E a major problem within the first year that the MB dealer tried to say wasn't a warranty claim, but I put him right on that. After the repair, broke down as they hadn't fitted a gasket correctly. Had to threaten legal action to get money refunded for the other repair
Lexus LS only kept for a year as the service history was incorrect.
Replaced with an MB S Class - an unreliable expensive nightmare at 50k
Now on my third Lexus, and will be staying with them

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