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Audi A6 (1997–2004)

Last updated 7 September 2016

Good looks, classy cabin and comparatively inexpensive to run.
Handling safe but lacklustre. Modest crash test rating.
Updated 27 June 2014

Audi A6 2.5 V6 TDI known to eventually suffer from camshaft wear at high mileage. The noise can sometimes be mistaken as coming from a rattling timing belt ternsioner.

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Like fellas, some cars have a mid-life crisis, some have a mid-life facelift, and some have both.

It started life as a big softy. Squishy, absorbent suspension soaked up the potholes on the Northhamptonshire roads where I first drove it. But that wasn't altogether a bad thing and it could be hustled along quite quickly without coming over all dramatic. At least, the 2.4 litre Tiptronic I drove could.

But now, Audi suspension wizard Jos van As has been allowed to tinker with the underpinnings; stylists and plastic surgeons have been at work on the nose and tail; boffins have been at work in the engine room and we have a newish A6

Owners' reviews

Spacious and comfortable - shame about gearbox
A comfortable easy to use estate car with plenty of go when needed
A value for money combination of design and engineering excellence - a luxury niche car gem.
Have had several of these brilliant cars
List Price from £39,375
Buy new from £28,994
Contract hire from £296.39 per month

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