Audi RS4 (2006 – 2008) Review

Audi RS4 (2006 – 2008) At A Glance


+Masses of power, grip and adrenalin-fuelled fun, yet also docile when you want it to be. A fantastic all-round drive.

-Your driving licence may never look the same again. Problems with interlinked dynamic ride control struts, prone to leaking at the seals. RS4 is a very high maintenance cars. Be forewarned.

The car Audi used to take on the BMW M3 and managed to combine excitement with a package that did not require as much skill to drive quickly.

Even so, on the launch at and around the Goodwood circuit, a certain well known and very popular journalist got pulled by the local traffic police.

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M3 Vs S4 - which one should I buy?
"I currently drive a BMW E46 M3 and whilst I love the driving experience, as a daily drive it definitely has some short comings. My previous car was a diesel A4 B8 Avant and the one thing I really miss is the interior. I am contemplating swapping my M3 for a B8 S4, do you think this would be a good move ? I am aware that the E46 is potentially starting to earn a little bit of money and I really enjoy the performance of the M3 but I can't stop hankering after the refinement of an Audi. Would I be disappointed with an S4?"
An S4 4.2 V8 as opposed to an RS4 is a relatively much softer car than an E46 M3. Has the power, but isn't particularly stimulating to drive.
Answered by Honest John
Is a used RS4 a good idea?
"Im trying to buy a used Audi RS4 but I'm worried. Most of them have high mileages and I don't know if they have any major problems from the gearbox, clutch or engine. Most are selling in the range of £18,000 to £25,000 pounds and most are over 45000 miles."
All the RS4 information you need is here: I've heard of one getting to 80k miles, no trouble, but that seems to have been an exception.
Answered by Honest John
Where can I sell my Audi RS4 and what can I get for it?
"I wonder if you could help please. I'm trying to sell my 2007 Audi RS4 Saloon with full navigation, Harmon Kardon sound system and Nappa leather, in red, with 33,000 miles on the clock. Could you please let me know what I can expect for it in terms of a fair value? Garages have offered me very low rates. What would be the best way for me to sell it?"
It was extraordinary that two emails about Audi RS4s should arrive on the same day. Another reader gave me a tale of woe arising from the high maintenance costs of brake discs that only last 6000 miles, tyres that last less, and vulnerable clutches and flywheels. What has happened is that this has made dealers very wary of the cars. There's no point in selling an RS4 at a £4000 profit when the customer could come back demanding £5000 of repairs, and because they are so rare they are not 'booked' by Glass's Guide. I've found a 90,000 mile 2007 asking £17,990, a 67,000 mile 2006 asking £17,995, a 68,000 mile 2006 Avant asking £20,500, a 63,000 mile 2006 Avant asking £21,990, a 58,000 mile 2006 Avant asking £22,480, a 67,000 mile 2006 Avant asking £22,990, a 46,000 mile 2007 asking £23,980, a 43,000 mile 2007 asking £24,500, a 46,000 mile 2007 Avant asking £24,995, a 20,000 mile 2006 asking £25,000 and a 58,000 mile 2007 cabrio asking £25,000. You could try advertising on Pistonheads (as these were) and Autotrader, but do not allow any driver who does not have trade insurance to test drive it. Safer to use , but they will probably advise a Top Car auction. Or try used Audi specialist Marc at
Answered by Honest John
Problem with RS4 bought from main dealer
"I bought an Audi RS4 from Leicester Audi in March 2012. I quickly noticed an intermittent juddering from the brakes so contacted the dealer. They told me to take the car into my local Audi centre (Bradford). I subsequently booked the car in with a notchy gearbox when cold at the beginning of September 2012 (as a health check) and was told that the brakes were most likely caused by buckled alloys and the clutch was dragging, which required gearbox removal and a £400 bill to diagnose properly. I complained to Leicester Audi and so began a long tale of woe in trying to get them to help me. They repeatedly promised they would take my car and look it over a 6 month period, but it took the intervention of Audi UK customer services to get them to arrange something. The car went into Bradford Audi in March 2013, where they kept it for two weeks and I ended up with a bill for £2600 (new clutch and flywheel and new front discs and pads due to them being warped), with Leicester paying a claimed £1900 for two new wheels and labour for the gearbox (as per the original diagnosis from Bradford, despite the fact the new wheels made no difference to the brakes - despite Bradford Audi claiming the wheels had fixed the issue the car failed it's MOT at the dealer due to warped discs). Leicester have said the clutch and brakes are wear and tear items and have refused to pay for them saying I have done over 5,000 miles in the car (I had done 4400 when the car first went in in September 2012, but had mentioned the juddering brakes to them after just 5 weeks). I have put a claim in to the Small Claims Court as I believe the issues were there when I bought the car, which Leicester Audi are disputing. I have the warped discs - would you recommend I get an independent expert to assess the brakes? "
Seek legal advice. The small claims track limit is £5,000 and if Leicester Audi fights you the case will have to go to full County Court and costs could escalate alarmingly. I think you can claim that the brake fault was with the car from purchase, but it was more than 6 months before the notchy gearchange developed and that is outside the generally accepted period for which a dealer is normally held liable. See:
Answered by Honest John
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