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Audi RS Q8 At A Glance

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The Audi RS Q8 is the car you never knew you wanted: a practical, spacious SUV with supercar performance. It is expensive, but has enough rivals to suggest there are plenty of takers for a machine of this nature.

+Fabulous interior design. Quality and ergonomics. Deliciously quick, remarkable handling.

-Expensive. Not really supercar-involving to drive.

New prices start from £105,475, brokers can source from £100,335

If you consider a 600PS wolf in 2300kg sheep’s clothing to be a rare automotive creation, think again – you’ll be surprised at just how many rivals the Audi RS Q8 can muster. Whether you consider these cars large SUVs with supercar performance, or supercars with large SUV space and practicality, there are plenty of them.

Either way, assuming you have a wallet stout enough to consider the Audi RS Q8 in the first place, you’ll probably also want to have a look at the closely-related Porsche Cayenne Coupe S, the divisive BMW X6M Competition and the Mercedes GLE Coupe 63 S in your quest for the best high-performance SUV.

Or you may want to consider luxury SUVs such as the Aston Martin DBX, or perhaps the Range Rover Sport SVR. And what about the outrageous Lamborghini Urus?

Ironically, as our Audi RS Q8 review will explain, it starts to look like quite good value for money in the face of such competition.

Some have said that the Audi RS Q8 is better looking than Lamborghini’s Urus.

Our jury’s still out on that, but one thing’s for sure; it’s hard to disguise something of this stature as anything but a huge SUV, even if the specimen we drove sports a front spoiler like a brushed metal replica of Salvador Dali’s famous moustache.

On board, but for lashings of RS branding, you’ll find things pretty much where you left them in the standard Audi Q8, and that’s no bad thing at all.

So it’s under the bonnet and at all four corners that the Audi RS Q8 really earns its go-faster stripes.

In the engine room is the same cracking 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 petrol unit on duty in the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Lamborghini Urus, here developing 600PS and 800Nm (more than the Porsche, less than the Lambo).

Via eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift interference, all-wheel drive and extraordinarily trick suspension, that equates to 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds and, more amusingly, 0-124mph in only 13.7 seconds – phenomenal performance for a 2.3 tonne car.

Yet what really boggles about the Audi RS Q8 isn’t so much the startling straight-line speed, but the handling. With adaptive air suspension, active anti-roll technology and all-wheel steering all mucking in, it’s astonishing to drive through the twisty stuff.

How can anything this size and shape provide such prodigious levels of grip and poise?

The car might not offer the last word in communication as to the intimacies of its relationship with the road surface, but it remains utterly unflappable no matter how hard you push.

Driving the Audi RS Q8 at pace is more a question of clinging on in admiration than pressing on with outright glee, but it’s still hugely impressive for all that.

Prices for the three model Audi RS Q8 range start at £112,405 with Carbon Black and Vorsprung variants subject to largely trim-related price hikes with the occasional extra toy – such as a head-up display with Vorsprung trim – lobbed in for good measure.

But the standard car is already extremely well-equipped and, if anything costing over 100 grand could be so dubbed, surprisingly competitively priced.

Ask Honest John

Why has Audi voided my car's warranty?

"I have had an Audi RS Q8. The car is just six months old and the tracking is out and pulling to the left. I took it to an Audi dealer who quoted me £6500 to fix it. They have also voided the warranty that covers the car's suspension as I have a scratch on the rim of my front left wheel. Is this at all reasonable when the car is designed to off-road and has acceleration times of a supercar? What can be done about their dismissive attitude?"
It's difficult to advise without knowing what caused the damage to the tracking and the wheel. At a guess, I'd assume the car has been involved in some sort of accident that has caused serious damage to the suspension. The warranty covers you against manufacturing defects but not accidental damage. The dealer is well within its rights to void the warranty if they suspect the car has been involved in a crash. If the car is pulling to the left then I'd be concerned about its roadworthiness. As the driver, it's your legal responsibility to ensure the car is safe for the road at all times. You don't need to take the car to an Audi dealer to be repaired in order to maintain the warranty, but it must be fixed to Audi's standards with approved parts and fluids (backed up with an itemised invoice).
Answered by Dan Powell
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What does a Audi RS Q8 cost?

Buy new from £100,335(list price from £112,935)