BMW X6 Review 2022

BMW X6 At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
If you’re able to look beyond the looks of the BMW X6, you’ll find an SUV that remains hugely practical, brilliant to drive and will almost certainly ruin someone’s day on the commute to work...

+Feels like a hot hatchback, classy and upmarket cabin, entry-level diesel engine is excellent.

-Challenging styling, very expensive, image is too brash for some.

New prices start from £61,735
Insurance Groups are between 49–50

The BMW X6 is the sportier and slightly less practical version of the X5 SUV. Launched in 2019, this is the most resolved and well-rounded version of the BMW X6 to date, although the styling will still divide opinion like a famous yeast extract in a black jar with a yellow lid. Is there a demand for a ‘coupe’ version of an SUV? The success of the X6, Range Rover Sport and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe would suggest there is. You’re reading this, so you must have a passing interest in the car.

Haters gonna hate. The BMW X6 is one of the most controversial cars of recent years, with many people developing an irrational hatred for the ‘coupe SUV’. By that, we mean it’s a sportier version of the BMW X5, with a sloping roofline and a slightly smaller boot.

It’s not what you’d call a looker. Even though the styling is more acceptable than before, the X6 can look challenging from certain angles. Maybe our eyes have got used to it, or perhaps it’s because there are more coupe SUVs on the market, but we think it’s less offensive than the original X6.

The front is dominated by a massive grille, which has become a subject of debate on social media. If you’re ready to take a barrage of abuse, you can equip your new BMW X6 with a so-called ‘glow kidney’ grille. In other words, it lights up. Perfect, if you enjoy trolling people as you make your way to work.

It’s an expensive car, with prices starting from £60,000. Some of the expense is justified by the long list of standard equipment, with even the entry-level Sport model packing everything you could ever need. Heated leather seats, a pair of 12.3-inch screens, adaptive LED headlights and adaptive suspension are just some of the highlights.

Many buyers will choose to upgrade to the M Sport, which adds a host of largely cosmetic enhancements to the mix. The 21-inch alloy wheels fill the arches, while the M body upgrades somehow manage to make the X6 look less ungainly. Beyond that, there are a number of expensive options to choose from. Don’t be surprised if your dream X6 comes with a six-figure price tag.

Not that you need to spend that much. The entry-level xDrive30d delivers enough power to excite, thanks to a healthy 265PS. The xDrive40i Sport is a worthy alternative, if you can live with the fuel economy, but we’d prefer the M50d.

The diesel flagship delivers a mighty 400PS in exchange for a small drop in fuel economy. The M50i V8 will be a rare sight in the UK, beyond the realms of Premier League training ground car parks.

On the road, the X6 feels remarkably light and agile, with the driving experience enhanced by precise steering and excellent balance.

Standard-fit all-wheel-drive provides reassurance and security in all weathers, particularly when you’re exiting a corner. Simply plant your right foot and let the xDrive system do the hard work. Even the eight-speed transmission is fantastic if left to its own devices, but the paddle shifters are there if you demand more involvement.

There are even a pair of M Performance versions available: a 400PS M50d and 530PS M50i. They’re expensive but devastatingly effective.

Some may call the X6 styling ‘devastating’, and that’s their prerogative. The BMW X6 will continue to divide opinion.

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