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I was adamant in buying a Honda Jazz for my wife as this ticks the boxes with the size, price and spec of the car. Now after reading some of the reviews about the i-Shift gearbox I'm getting convinced...
I'm seeking a used small car to replace an ageing Nissan Micra. Preferably one that doesn't go wrong very often and is low cost to fix when it does. What models do you suggest?
Is a Honda Prelude Mk5 worth buying as a classic car?
I am approaching 17 years old and I am 6ft5. I was wondering if you know small cars around the £1000 - £1500 price (secondhand) that could fit someone with my height (adjustable steering wheel preferable...
Can you recommend a five-door, five-seat automatic that gives 45mpg + and is quite cheap to tax? Small to medium size car. Budget is £7000
I've got back problems and need a car seat that doesn't tilt backwards, needs to be automatic and have cruise control with a budget of up to £7k. Big ask for that price but any suggestions? What about...
Sadly it's time for our 2003 Beetle Convertible to move on after 10 years. Its replacement must be okay for my wife and our 17-year-old learner daughter. It's a second car so manual, petrol and mainly...
After years of driving a Honda CR-V to tow a caravan, I now need to downsize. I like the high driving position and need to have room for a large dog and a wheelchair. Is the Honda jazz a viable replacement?
What is the best automatic diesel car for taxi use please?
We are looking to buy a used family SUV that is economical and reliable. We’d want to avoid the small SUVs (Qashqai) and need a but more space. Can you recommend something below £12,000?.

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