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I’ve recently bought a nearly new Mercedes GLC 300e in red. The car will be kept on our driveway and in order to look after the paintwork I am considering buying a car cover. Would this be a wise investment...
I'm buying a Lexus RC300. The dealers all say glass coating is the best protection for the bodywork, giving them a nice commission on the sale. Is it actually worth it and does it protect as well as is...
This month, I’m taking delivery of my first ever brand new car - a Suzuki Ignis. Thanks to Suzuki’s seven year or 100k warranty, subject to T and Cs, involving getting the car serviced from an authorised...
I’ve been offered Diamonbrite protection on a nearly new (400miles) Kia Niro for £250. Do you think it’s worth it?
Is paint protection worth having?
The paint on the roof of my 12 plate Hyundai i20 is ‘delaminating’. I can get a fingernail under the edge of the paint and lift it off as if it were not adhered to the primer underneath. Does this mean...
I purchased a new Toyota C-HR in March. I am very happy with the car but have noticed at the rear corners there is a very fine, thin transparent trim which follows the shape of the black plastic over the...
Is Porsche ceramic paint protection at £800 worthwhile on a new Macan?
I've just bought a 2017 Honda CR-V from Honda Used Approved. How do I go about cleaning and protecting the paintwork? What can I use to take off existing scratches? Thanks.
When I bought my used cars, the dealer tried to sell me three-year asset protection for £349, ceramic paint protection for £299 and an extended warranty. Surely these are commission scams.

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