My Toyota C-HR has a thin film over the paintwork around the rear wheel arches. Is this normal?

I purchased a new Toyota C-HR in March. I am very happy with the car but have noticed at the rear corners there is a very fine, thin transparent trim which follows the shape of the black plastic over the wheel arch and then borders the panel joint up to the rear light clusters. I didn’t see it when I collected the car and subsequently only noticed it when I looked closely.

I have returned to the dealership to discuss the issue with them, and they responded positively and showed me a range of C-HRs from 68 reg to brand new, and each one was identical to mine with regard to this very fine film. This would suggest that the car is manufactured like this, something I have never come across before. Is this something I need to be concerned about?

Asked on 22 March 2023 by Glyn Cape

Answered by David Ross
The transparent film you mention here is called paint protection film (PPF), which is becoming a more common feature on modern cars. It is designed to protect vulnerable areas of the bodywork from damage, and is much cheaper to replace or repair than body paint.

In this instance the dealership showed you that it is a standard feature on Toyota C-HRs and is nothing to worry about. In fact it is good news, because it will help to keep your car in good condition and protect it from damage.
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