The paint on the roof of my Hyundai i20 is peeling off - will the whole roof have to be repainted?

The paint on the roof of my 12 plate Hyundai i20 is ‘delaminating’. I can get a fingernail under the edge of the paint and lift it off as if it were not adhered to the primer underneath. Does this mean a total strip and re spray of the whole roof?

Asked on 22 March 2023 by Allan Morris

Answered by David Ross
If you can remove the paint from the roof of your car with a fingernail, it would suggest that the paint has failed completely and will need to be repaired. It may be that it is only a section of the roof that has delaminated which would reduce the cost of the repair, but it may be that the whole roof would require a respray.

We would suggest contacting some local paint specialists who can take a close look at the area and give you an estimate for the repair. We would always suggest obtaining several quotes to get the best possible price.
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