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My Mercedes Marco Polo will be 3 years old in March. I would like to extend the warranty. What are the pros and cons of the Mercedes warranty (£804 for 2 years) compared to third party offerings?
Can you tell me which firms you are recommending for extended warranty please?
My Land Rover Velar is coming up to four years old and I’m thinking of taking out a warranty, is there any particular company you’d recommend?
Volkswagen have a service plan and warranty called All-in. It’s for cars over 3 years old and included two MoTs, one minor service, one major service, breakdown cover and a warranty for £33.45 per month...
My BMW i3 is just about to exit its 3 year warranty and I have been offered extended warranty at £700-plus per annum. This seems quite a lot of money for a car that has limited to go wrong with it and...
Volkswagen is offering an after three years warranty called Volkswagen All-in Service for £33.45 a month. It includes two services and two MoT, is it worth taking out? It lasts for two years.
This weekend, I found the air conditioning in my 2016 Honda had failed. I took it to the Honda service centre today and they found a failure in one of the seals. I have an extended warranty so the replacement...
I purchased a brand new Lexus NX on 17 March 2021, which includes a three-year warranty. I also purchased an extended warranty with the offer to buy the fourth year warranty and receive the fifth year...
I have a SEAT Leon nearing the end of its warranty period. SEAT is offering an ‘all components’ cover with zero excess for £175. Do you think this is good value for money?
in September 2019, I bought a 2018 Volkswagen Passat and I've been very pleased indeed with it. The only feature I've had any problems with is the WeConnectGo app, which tends to drop its connection to...

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