Should my extended warranty cover an air con issue?

This weekend, I found the air conditioning in my 2016 Honda had failed. I took it to the Honda service centre today and they found a failure in one of the seals. I have an extended warranty so the replacement is being covered under warranty. However, the garage is claiming that the leaked gas is a consumable and I must pay for the regassing to the tune of £150. Given that the seal failure caused the issue, shouldn't the re-gas also be covered?

Asked on 10 June 2021 by Amanda Crawford

Answered by Dan Powell
Depends on the cause. In most cases, the system drys out because it has been switched off for long periods (usually over the winter). The air con isn't designed to be used this way - it is self-lubricating - and should be switched on 100% of the time. The air produced is also dry and free from moisture, which prevents your windows from misting up.

Should it be covered by your extended warranty? Impossible to answer without knowing the full details of your policy. If the system hasn't dried out due to lack of use then the seal may have failed due to wear and tear. Many warranties will exclude wear and tear, but you will need to check the list of exclusions on your policy.
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