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I'm looking to buy the safest car for a young and newly qualified driver. Cars with autonomous breaking would appeal ideal - which (if any) would you recommend? Cost is important.
I'm looking to buy my 19-year-old daughter a car with the lowest running costs (insurance and road tax). We car share, so I will also be a named driver. The car will not be used commuting and social journeys...
What's the best car for a 17 year old? The budget is £1000.
My son has just passed his driving test, could you recommend a few small cars to insure? He has a budget of around £1000 for the car and I'm expecting the car insurance to be high.
I want to buy my 21 year old daughter a automatic small car with good mpg. Please advise.
Would a classic 1970/80s Audi 80 be a good first car for a 17 year old? If not, which classic car would you recommend? Including factors of price of car, insurance and availability of parts.
My Grandson will soon be 17 and wants to buy a car (with a great stereo system). Can you please advise me which cars that have the lowest insurance premiums? How can he cut the costs? Is a 'black box'...
I am looking for the best Group 1 insurance car for my 19 year old grand daughter. It must have five doors and a petrol engine with a manual gearbox. Journeys will be between Durham University and her...
I am looking for a small automatic car for my son to learn to drive in (he's currently having driving lessons in an automatic so will only have an automatic licence). People in the trade seem to be recommending...
I am a first time driver looking to buy a used small car for my commute of about 20 miles. I have £3000 to spend and need a car with low maintenance costs. What should I buy?

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