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I want to buy my daughter a new car. Can you recommend something that's reliable and cheap?
What five-door car would you recommend under £2000?
What is the best car for my grandson to buy as a first car for around £1000? It must have cheap insurance, be good on fuel and reliable.
What car would you suggest for a trip around Europe (two months long)? Our budget is £3000 to £4000.
Is there a simple but reliable car for a budget of £3000?
What is the most reliable family automatic hatchback for under £4500? I was set on Civic 1.8 2009 but then learned that this model has the i-Shift which is best avoided.
My son lives and works in London and needs a small and cheap car for short local plus some longer journeys. A economical to run hatchback with space for a load and room for four people occasionally, to...
I want to buy a cheap car with low insurance. It needs to be reliable and I'm not bothered about the badge. What do you recommend?
What's the best first car for an 18 year old driver? I need something older and cheap. My budget is about £1500 - £2500. Also, how do I check if the car has any issues, i.e. outstanding finance, been involved...
Some friends were recently involved in an accident and are keen to purchase a used car with some sort of lane departure warning system as a result. Can you recommend the cheapest used cars which have this...

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