What's the cheapest to run car for my 19-year-old daughter?

I'm looking to buy my 19-year-old daughter a car with the lowest running costs (insurance and road tax). We car share, so I will also be a named driver. The car will not be used commuting and social journeys and the budget can be up to £15K. What purchase options look good, before (or after) 01 April 2017?

Asked on 28 March 2017 by Alison Procter

Answered by Honest John
A Toyota Aygo 1.0. Relatively cheap insurance, 50mpg, 95g/km CO2. Pre-April 2017 first year tax £0; annual tax £0. Post-April 2017 first year tax £25. Post-April 2017 annual tax £140. Better get moving.
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