Would the Toyota Yaris Mk1 make a good first car?

I am looking for a small automatic car for my son to learn to drive in (he's currently having driving lessons in an automatic so will only have an automatic licence).

People in the trade seem to be recommending the Toyota Yaris Mk 1. Is this a good and reliable car to buy? Does the Yaris (around 2003/04) have a traditional torque gearbox?

Asked on 6 November 2016 by Gail

Answered by Honest John
Yes. Mk 1 Yaris from 2009 to 2005, whether 1.0 or 1.3, all had a reliable four-speed torque converter automatic transmission. I've done tens of thousands of miles in them. The second shape Yaris from 2006 switched to an MMI automated manual which is best avoided. A Yaris is by far the best little car 10-15 years old. Much better than a Polo or a Fiesta. But, of course, at this age and price bracket, you could still get a bad one.
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