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Do you have an opinion on battery jump starter/chargers that plug into the cigarette lighter? Are they okay or best avoided?
I'm looking into buying a dash cam after two near misses this evening. Please could you advise on them as know nothing about them?
Suzuki advise that the price for an SD card bearing the latest maps for its built-in SatNav will cost £272. The SatNav maps are likely to be close to a year old since I bought the car secondhand, which...
My van was stolen from my drive a few weeks ago. I now have a replacement Ford Transit and I'm thinking of fitting deadlocks. Is this a good idea or is there something better?
I've just been given a new Gamin dash cam. Can I run this and my Garmin satnav from the 12V cigarette lighter socket?
What's the best tracker for a BMW X5?
I have an increasing number of very superficial scratches on my windscreen. I cannot feel the abrasions if I run my thumb over them and the cause is unknown. Do you recommend any product for treating these...
I'm due to pick up a new Honda Civic within the next fortnight and the dealer has asked that I consider treating the paintwork and fabric with Supaguard. As the car is being purchased under the Motability...
Are speed camera detectors legal. If so, what's the best product to buy?
What is the best and cheapest DAB replacement for the present radio in my Subaru Forester?

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