Can you recommend a good, small jump start pack?

I have read quite a few forum posts about jump starting modern cars (or not) using jump leads, and the (various) procedures to do it (or not), and am somewhat confused. Some say that using jump leads on modern cars could lead to ECU problems etc, others say it's no problem if you follow the correct procedure. Also some say that using jump start packs is preferable to jump leads. What is your opinion? Can you recommend a good (small/portable) jump start pack? Do batteries in jump start packs need to be recharged at intervals if not used?

Asked on 22 November 2017 by Michael Potter

Answered by John Slavin
A modern jump pack is smaller and lighter than an old jump pack and more convenient than jump leads. We have an Aukey jump pack (which also doubles as a top up charger for phones, etc.) in the office and it works very well despite being small enough to fit in a glovebox. It does need to be charged up from the mains now and then, but it has a charge indicator so it's no hassle.
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