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I was hit in a supermarket car park by a driver who did not stop. Can I request the address of the owner from DVLA as I have a photo of the car showing the number plate?
How can I go about taking the DVLA to court about a decision to revoke a driving licence? I have written to them but i'm not satisfied with their answer.
My friend has some medical problems and I'm not sure if he should report them to the DVLA. His hospital consultants do not stop him from working out at the gym and say he is responsible for monitoring...
Can I transfer a registration from a 40 year old car that is tax and MoT exempt?
How do I find out the ownership and address details of a car with only a number plate to go on?
I am a UK resident but have a home in Spain. Can I bring my Spanish registered car back to the UK for short periods?
A car has been parked at the side of my house (no pavement) for months. The tyres are slowly deflating and it is filled with junk. I checked the number plate and it is SORN but is on the public highway....
Does the DVLA still send renewal forms for taxing my vehicle?
I bought a registration from the DVLA 12 years ago and then went overseas and didn’t pay retention fees. How can I go about getting the number back from DVLA? They seem very uncooperative.
I'm restoring a 1949 AC 2 litre saloon but expect to fit a 1990's Toyota 2.0 litre engine. What is likely to be the tax on this?

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