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Most recently answered driving licence questions
I have to renew my licence which will take up to three weeks - meanwhile, can I drive to Germany?
I am named driver on my wife's motor policy. She has to voluntarily surrender her licence on medical grounds. Will her insurance and my named driver status remain valid pending her medical situation being...
I am over 70 years old - how heavy a trailer can I tow on my licence?
Last year I turned 70, my driving licence was renewed quickly and without question. However I also own a Ford Transit based motorhome. I am beginning of to wonder if the seemingly unquestioned renewal...
Can I drive an Aixam Coupe S on a provisional licence?
How long before your 70th birthday is it possible to renew your driving licence?
When renewing my driving licence at 70, I didn't apply to retain the right to continue to drive vehicles up to 7000kg. However, having enjoyed a motorhome for the last two years, I would like to be able...
I have held an automatic licence for the last six years. I would like to change it to manual one. Do you think this will increase my insurance premium by more than £200 a year?
I passed my driving test nearly 60 years ago and have held a licence ever since. I am aware of the present requirements regarding riding a motor bike, though I've never owned or driven one. My present...
How can I go about taking the DVLA to court about a decision to revoke a driving licence? I have written to them but i'm not satisfied with their answer.

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