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Most recently answered driving test questions
With the development and promotion of persuading people to use electric cars, if you passed your driving test in an electric car would you be restricted to driving only that type of car?
I'm in my late 60s and getting ready to take my test for the first time in a few months. Which car would you recommend for me to buy please?
Can I take my practical driving test in my own car which was previously a category S write off?
Why is my insurance ever increasing to that of new driver levels? Is it because of my age (73), rather than my driving experience?
My local authority, sent me a PCN stating that I stopped my car outside a school entrance with the yellow zigzag lines. However, it was not parked or stopped on the lines but in the middle left of the...
My father-in-law wishes to return to driving after a year off the road. His absence was due to deteriorating eyesight caused by cataracts. He has now had the cataracts operated on and his eyesight is fine,...
As many of your readers will be grand/parents of teenage drivers, would it be worth doing a feature on: tips for teenage drivers, how to find/what to look out for in a good teacher, costs/procedures involved...
I read that the annual slaughter on our roads has bottomed out at fewer than 2000 lives per year. This still represents a cull in human life somewhere between terrorism and full-scale war. Doctors, welders,...
My wife has a 2003 Yaris and, as a passenger the other day, I observed that the speedometer is set in an oblique tunnel and is not visible to the passenger. How does a driving examiner deal with this?
Who do you recommend to give me a check-up on my driving abilities, now that I am 82? The RoSPA, I believe, do it for £50. I'd rather spend less. And, of course, I don't really think I need one!

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