My theory cert expires soon and I can't take a practical test before it does as they've been cancelled. Is this fair?

I have paid for and taken my theory test, CBT and my MOD 1 test (the first of the two practical tests for a motorbike license). I paid over £1500 in tests and lessons, and managed to fit it around my work over the past 18 months. All I had left to take was my MOD 2, but then the coronavirus happened - putting a 3 month (possibly longer) ban on all tests and effectively closing down all lessons. Now my theory certificate will in all likelihood run out before I'm allowed to take my final test. This will mean all the other parts are invalid too. I will have to pay again for everything and try to find the time to fit it in around desperately taking all work I can to help pay for my time off (due to Covid-19) and for the new tests. The DVSA says it won't extend the theory test expiry. It's breaking my heart. Is there some way the Government can enforce an extension to help?

Asked on 6 April 2020 by Kate Horey

Answered by Georgia Petrie
I feel for you. It's a lot of work and money to invest. Unfortunately, theory test certificates cannot legally be extended in any circumstances. All driving tests have been suspended for three months, with those affected receiving new test dates by email.

When the dust settles, this means you’ll need to book and pay to take another theory test. You need to pass this before you can rebook your tests. You may find that this changes, but that's how it stands as of now. Unless you're a key worker because there's some exception for key workers who still need to get to and from work.
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